Absolutely Ayur Hair
Colour Shampoo

A revolutionary hair colour shampoo that eases your grey hair colouring regimen. A perfect blend of science and ancient wisdom, Absolutely Ayur makes your hair black and bouncy.


We are on a mission to make
the grey hair problem a thing of the past.


From Start To Finish

At Absolutely Ayur, transparency and ethics are valued more than anything else. Every single ingredient is studied thoroughly, clinically tested, and proven for their efficiency and safety. All the ingredients are vegan, cruelty free, and have been sourced from organic, trusted sources. In short, only the best of the best is delivered to you!


Our Products

Integrity matters to us the most. That’s why our products are

Backed By Research

Dermatologist Approved

Harsh Chemical Free

Clinically Tested


Long Lasting Colour
In Just 10 Minutes

No Hype. Try it for yourself.

Absolutely Ayur is a revolutionary hair colour shampoo infused with the goodness of more than 8 plant extracts like amla, bhringraj, and shikakai. Causes zero side effects and is soothing on the scalp.

  • Retains colour upto 20 washes
  • Has no harsh chemicals in it.
  • Does not cause irritation, hair fall, or skin allergies.
  • Restores youthful looks.

Making Hair Colouring Simple & Efficient

Watch this space for a range of hair colour products that are under research now and will soon hit the markets. All our products are and will be curated with one single goal - to make your look 10 years younger in the safest ways.