Transitioning from Grey Hair to your Natural Hair Color: Everything you need to know

Grey hairs are the first signs of the natural aging process in both men and women when they cross their mid-thirties. But, today, people globally are facing premature greying of hair that makes them look older than they actually do. However, greying of hair can be easily reversed and one can get back to natural hair color or a completely different tone altogether with hair color shampoos. These shampoos dye your hair pretty well and by following a few steps, you can seamlessly transition from grey to colored hair.

Choose a hair color that matches your skin tone

Now, choosing the right hair color is an extremely important thing to consider when transitioning from greys to natural hair colors. Suppose you have very few strands of grey hair that have just started gaining the attention of your closer ones. In that case, the simplest choice will be to cover those silver ones in the same color or close-to-same color hat actually matches with the remaining hair color so that no obvious difference is felt. However, if you have been in the salt and pepper look or complete grey hair look for quite some time now, you should pay enough attention while choosing the color so that transition is smooth. The best way to do this is to choose a hair color that matches the color of your eyes. Black natural hair color shampoo and brown ones are the most commonly used ones. Choosing these safe colors will make you look exactly the same as before all the premature greying started. 

Choosing the right hair color shampoo

While the basic purpose of any hair color shampoo is to color your hair, not all of them do the same job. Particularly, synthetic hair dyes are loaded with harmful chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, ammonia, and parabens that cause mild to severe damages to hair, skin, and scalp. On the other hand, there are many natural hair color shampoos that are formulated with safe ingredients that have no harmful side effects when used on skin, scalp, and hair. These natural dyes are usually infused with several herbal ingredients like amla, hibiscus, shikakai, and neem that color your hair naturally, deep clean the hair and scalp, nourish them from roots to tip, and keep infections, dandruff, and lice at bay.

Not all hair coloring processes need stylists:

Gone are those days when you need to take an appointment with the hairstylists for grey hair treatment. These days, you can conveniently color your hair at the comfort of your home. Here is how to use natural hair shampoo to darken hair:

  • Wet your hair and towel dry.
  • Put on hand gloves and take the desired amount of shampoo in your hands.
  • Rub well so that the ingredients in the shampoo get mixed well. 
  • Apply the shampoo to your hair from the roots to the tips. Cover all the areas of the head, paying special attention to the grey hair dense areas.
  • Massage gently and leave it for about 10 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse off with water.

Tadaa! All your grey hairs are now dyed with the color you chose! 

Please note that if the hair color shampoo gets in touch with your skin, wash it off immediately in less than 3 minutes with plain water.

Aftercare is a must:

If things like choosing the right color and right hair dye are half the task, ensuring you give your colored hair the right care does the remaining half of the task. Coloring rips off all the moisture in your hair and makes them prone to breakage and damage. So, it would be best if you always used a good quality shampoo and a deep conditioner to keep them hydrated and nourished. In addition, you should go for oil massages at least once a fortnight and keep your hair hydrated with a hair mask to keep them strong and lush. If you have bleached your hair, the harsh chemicals used in the bleach would have ripped off all the moisture deep from the hair. You need to use a smoothening shampoo to keep the hair soft and silky in such scenarios.

We hope that this article came in handy in clearing all your doubts regarding hair coloring for the first time. Transitioning from grey to natural hair color is pretty much simpler these days with so many safe options like Absolutely Ayur Hair Color Shampoo and can be done in just under 30 minutes right at your home. The best part is that these colors also last long and make your hair look much better because of the herbal extracts in them. 

Getting your hair colored from grey to its natural color is a rewarding experience for your looks and style. So, go ahead, color your hair, and give yourself a younger outlook!