How To Make Semi Permanent Hair Dye Last Longer

Feeling like a new person after getting your hair dyed is a thrilling experience. The whole process of deciding on a new hair color, style to the shade, is likely to be exciting. But have you given any thought to how to make semi permanent hair dye last longer? The good news is that keeping your hair color fresh is easier than you would think. Think about these pointers to ensure that your dye job lasts as long as possible and that your hair continues to appear as good as it did the day it was done.

When does color fade?

Depending on the kind of dye you use, the duration of the color's retention will vary. Here's a breakdown of how long it takes for semi-permanent organic herbal hair colour to fade. Since semi-permanent dye is just a temporary solution, it will start to fade after the first or second wash. About 15 or 20 washes is the average lifespan for hair color.

Semi-permanent hair colour without ammonia, in contrast to more long-lasting dyes, just coats the exterior of your hair strands and hence fades more rapidly. You may achieve greater color payoff and longer-lasting effects with lightened hair with a highly pigmented hair color shampoo like Absolutely Ayur.

How to make hair color last longer?

It may be quite difficult to keep your hair's color from fading. Taking care of your hair between colorings is essential if you want to maintain the vibrancy of your color and avoid fading. Do not think that this necessitates a substantial change to your current cosmetic routine. In truth, it boils down to simple adjustments in daily habits. If you want to know how to make your hair color last longer, here are five possible solutions.

1. Don't shampoo every day

Not only can over washing your hair dry it out and make it lack volume, but it may also fade the color. When you wash your hair with shampoo, it removes more than just the color. It also washes away the natural oils from your scalp that help nourish and maintain your hair's luster. Your hair's natural oils also improve its ability to absorb dye. As a result, you should limit your shampooing to a few times a week to preserve your color.

2. Avoid Hot Styling tools

When you're going for hair goals, it might be tempting to crank up the heat on your styling tools. Your color may be seeming a little flat because of the heat. In order to keep your color as long as possible, you should refrain from using hot tools more often than necessary.

3. Use the Right Products

How to make hair color last longer on gray hair? All you have to do is choose the right product for your hair. To maintain the vibrancy of your new hair color, you may need to adjust your usual hair care regimen just a little. Invest in salon-quality products designed specifically for colored hair.

4. Avoid Hot Water Shower

The usage of lukewarm water is preferred over very hot water. The cuticle layer of your hair may be loosened by the heat, making it possible for the color to be rinsed out. To avoid this, try ending your shower with a blast of cold water. In doing so, you are preserving the hair's exterior layer, which helps prevent breakage and color loss as you style.

5. Lock in the Moisture

It is crucial to maintain a high level of moisture in the hair after coloring it. Hair that is properly hydrated produces greater shine and better color retention than parched, dehydrated tresses. Use a deep conditioning mask once a week to restore moisture to your hair.

There you have it, five easy answers to the question of how to make your hair dye last longer. Follow these steps to keep your hair colour appearing fresh and vibrant.