How to choose hair dye products that won't cause side-effects

If you want to highlight a few strands or color the entire portion or conceal grey and silver hair, hair colors can greatly accentuate the hair coloring process in just under an hour. While the end product is beautifully coloured hair that keeps you young and in trend, the hair silently gets damaged due to the potentially harmful chemicals in the hair color product. Worse is the scenario for those with sensitive skin and scalp. The chemicals in hair colors cause allergic reactions on the scalp like itchiness, dandruff, and redness. Such people should be double cautious about the products they choose for their skin and hair.

Thanks to the advancements in the hair care industry and the awareness amongst the common mob that has led to the development of safer hair dye products. A safe hair dye for allergy sufferers that is designed specifically with natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients helps the folks with super sensitive hair and scalp enjoy a dash of color in their hair without bothering much about the aftermath reactions of hair coloring.

Invest in a nourishing hair color product

Enriched hair color products that are infused with several nourishing oils olive oil, almond oil, and avocado oil are refreshing elixirs to the hair color needs. The natural oils in the hair dye nourish the hair from within as the other ingredients take care of the hair coloring part. They prevent any possible damage that can occur while coloring and help the hair preserve its lushness. Absolutely Ayur is one such miraculous hair color product that is completely plant-based. Being plant-based does not mean that these safe solutions are boring and monotone. These days, even vegan hair dye comes in a riot of colors like brown, black, red wine, burgundy, and many others to play with.

Hair dyes with ammonia are a big no!

The reason why ammonia is usually added to hair colors is because ammonia can open up the cuticles of the hair and make it porous. When the cuticles open, they can absorb and retain more color for a longer period of time. But the continuous application of ammonia to the hair leeches off the melanin pigment in the hair and can make your hair lighter and gray prematurely. These days, the market is flooded with many safer alternatives that color your hair seamlessly and stick on to your hair for a longer duration.

Temporary hair coloring for a quick makeover!

Temporary hair colors just stick onto the surface of the hair and usually go away when you wash your hair. Such hair colors come in handy for those who love to experiment with colors or those who need to color their hair just for an event or occasion. These are one of the safest products that cause very minimal side effects to your hair; yet, give you the desired vibrant colors for your locks.

Go for semi-permanent hair color products

Semi-permanent hair colors are those that stay on the hair for anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. These colors cling to the shaft of the hair and color it from the outside. The dyes do not penetrate through the cuticles as in the case of permanent hair colors and only a coat of the hair dye is applied to the hair strands. These hair colors are relatively safer to use than permanent hair colors and hair bleaches as semi-permanent hair dyes do not seep in much through the hair structures.

Say no to bleaching products!

Bleaching your hair often can cause many permanent damages to your hair. The bleach that we apply on the hair invades the hair shaft and harshly rips off all the melanin pigment that is naturally present in the hair. When you wash your hair after bleaching, the natural hair pigments are washed down the drain and the resultant hair looks void of color or in a lighter shade. As the bleaching process breaks through the hair structure and removes the natural pigments in the hair using hard chemicals, it makes the hair weaker drastically. If you plan to bleach your hair, we recommend you think twice. Using hair color without bleach like temporary or permanent colors is a healthier decision than bleaching on any day. 

A hair dye undoubtedly covers all your grey flawlessly and adds colors to your hair. However, using the right hair dye, preferably the natural ones, will ensure that your hair stays lush, soulful, and dense forever. We hope that the pointers mentioned above were useful in helping you choose a hair color product that is safe to be used on your hair. You can also consider choosing a natural, cruelty free hair dye that is safe not just for you but also for the animals around you.