How long does a hair colour shampoo last? 4 Creative ways to maintain vibrant coloured hair

It may seem convenient to do your own hair colouring at home, but there are occasions when you need a rapid solution. Since at-home hair colouring takes an hour, it's not a good choice when time is of the essence. What should you do if you need to quickly dye your grey hair but are short on time? What if you could have your hair coloured in ten minutes flat? 

Luckily, there is a foolproof method to address the problem. In a hurry? Try a hair colour shampoo. Simply choose the hair dye colour that works best with your hair type, and you'll be ready for a lightning-fast hair colouring experience.

 What is Hair Colour Shampoo

Instant hair dye shampoo, often known as hair colour shampoo, may cover grey hair in as little as ten minutes. They do not need any kind of preliminary mixing process or a brush and bowl to be used. The application process for these hair dyes is quite similar to that of shampoo. They don't have any toxic compounds like ammonia, sulfates, PPD and instead use plant-based extracts

They hide a lot of grey hair and don't leave any stains on your skin. There are potentially 3 different types of hair colouring shampoo to choose. Temporary hair colour, a colour depositing shampoo, or semi-permanent hair colour.

1. Temporary Hair Colour:

Temporary hair dyes are hair colours that fade away after a few washes. It's a fun method to experiment with a new style for an upcoming event. With temporary hair colour, you may experiment with a daring new style without risking damage to your hair.

2. Colour Depositing Shampoo:

Using a colour depositing shampoo into your hair with each wash is a great method to maintain vibrant colour. It prolongs the life of your colour job and keeps your hair looking great between salon sessions.

3. Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes:
Semi-permanent hair dyes may be expected to last between four and six weeks. Instead of completely altering the hair's colour, this kind of colour just covers its surface. It's a great chance to test out your new hue and determine whether or not it will complement your own style and daily routine.

    Ways to maintain vibrant coloured hair

    Your hair colour might last anywhere from a few washes to six weeks depending on the hair dye shampoo that you use. However, if you've invested in semi-permanent hair colour and want to make sure it lasts as long as possible, read on for some helpful hints. You've just settled on the colour of your dreams, and you want to make sure it retains its lively and modern appearance. We've got you. Here are four different things you may do to prevent the colour from fading.

    1. Avoid The Sulphates

    Sulphates aren't always a friend to those of us with dyed hair. These shampoos and conditioners can be too harsh for dyed hair, causing the colour to fade more quickly than usual. To avoid having your hair colour washed away, use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners.

    2. Avoid Hot Water

    Shower temperatures may have a noticeable impact on how your hair colour appears. When the cuticle of the hair opens due to heat, the molecules of hair colour may easily be washed away.

    3. Let Your Hair Air Dry

    Put a twist on your usual hair care regimen by putting away the blow dryer and allowing your strands to dry in their natural state. If you stay away from extreme heat, you won't run the danger of your cuticles opening up, which would cause the colour molecules to lose their vibrancy. If you find that you need to use a blow dryer many times throughout the week to get the desired look for your strands, then be sure to follow the correct technique.

    4. Use A Deep Conditioner

    Deep conditioning is the single most important thing you can do to maintain the health and beauty of your hair. If you give your hair a weekly treatment with a hair mask, you can maintain the moisture in your strands and keep the colour in your hair appearing fresh. Having trouble deciding which kind of hair mask might work best for you? Reach for a hair mask that is created with moisturising components to maintain your strands feeling smooth and supple if you have colour-treated hair that is also dry. This will help your strands maintain their healthy appearance and feel.

    The Bottomline

    The market is stocked with a wide variety of fast hair colour shampoos. There are a number of excellent hair dyes to choose from, Absolutely Ayur is the best hair colour for grey hair. This Absolutely Ayur hair colour shampoo offers you long-lasting, brilliant colour because of the benefits of natural ingredients. They have an ideal pH level, so they won't damage your hair.