Going Grey? This shampoo restores your natural hair color in 5 minutes: Here's how

Healthy hair that is lush and dark is a blessing that some people enjoy. If you are someone who is facing grey hair prematurely, we understand how much you long for that youthful looks. Strands that are soft, glossy, and natural that you want to run through them and feel happy and proud. While greying of hair is a natural phenomenon that happens as a person ages, it is a curse for those who have prematurely grey hair due to various factors like genetics, underlying health conditions, and poor hair care. Presently, hair coloring dyes are among the trending hair care products, and supermarkets and online stores are loaded with showcases of glittery packs of hair dyes.

Are they all the same? No, not at all. Most commercially available ones are loaded with harmful chemicals like ammonia and parabens and come with a plethora of health hazards when used directly on skin and scalp like continuous hair fall, skin irritation, and many others. 

It is very important that you choose a hair color shampoo with utmost attention to the ingredients in it as the hair color shampoo that you trust to cover your grey hair should not put you into other hair problems like sudden onset of hair fall, irritation of the scalp, and certain respiratory problems. Therefore, choose a natural hair color shampoo like Absolutely Ayur that is meticulously formulated with ingredients that are safe on the skin and approved by all the regulatory bodies.

This shampoo is infused with more than 8 herb extracts and is loaded with the goodness of Nature to impart a ‘close to natural color'. The herbs nourish and condition the hair and strengthen them from root to tip. This ensures that users can nourish their hair simultaneously as they color it.

Nourishing natural ingredients found in Absolutely Ayur that restore your natural hair color


In Ayurveda, henna is considered as a hair tonic that can cure most hair problems and is extensively used in premature greying of hair treatment. Henna leaves and their extracts contain tannin, the compound responsible for staining your skin and hair with an orangish to brownish shade. In addition, henna is rich in antioxidants which work on frizzy hair and dry hair and makes them manageable. The best part about using henna for hair is that it lasts for about 6 weeks on your hair and then gradually fades out. This makes it a preferred ingredient in all-natural hair dye shampoos. Apart from coloring effects, henna also vitalizes the hair strands from the roots and promotes healthy locks. 


Shikakai has been widely used as a natural hair care product to wash hair for centuries now. The plentiful benefits of shikakai like deep cleaning of the external dirt and oil that have sedimented over the scalp without actually damaging it. The vitamins C, A, E, and K present in shikakai nourish the scalp and make your hair look bountiful. It also helps you to manage the tangles and frizziness in the hair. When mixed with soapnuts, shikakai outsmarts any modern-day shampoo - Cleanses your scalp, lathers well, nourishes the hair strands, promotes hair growth, and all these without harmful side effects. 


A plant native to the tropical regions, the leaves and flowers of this plant are highly medicinal. The leaves are loaded with nutrients that nourish the hair and make them look straighter and shinier. The flowers of the plant are bright red in color and are used in natural treatment for grey hair. Both the leaves and the flowers condition the hair and keep them hydrated and nourished. The leaves stimulate keratin production in the body and trigger the growth of new hair. It has a soothing effect and effectively controls hair fall and guarantees denser and darker hair. 


Amla is high in antioxidants and is a potent natural ingredient that can help you regain natural color and prevent premature grey hair. Vitamin C that is abundantly present in amla keeps the locks healthy. Choosing a quick hair color with amla present in it keeps the threats of hair coloring at bay and helps to maintain the shine of your hair. Amla also fosters hair growth and adds volume to your hair. One of the most common ingredients found in quick hair dye, the topical application of amla extracts goes a long way in making your hair healthy, dark, and lush.

A hair color shampoo is truly a need of the hour that can cover greys and instantly give you a smarter and youthful look. However, the difference comes in the actual product that you choose. We suggest that you wisely choose a shampoo as Absolutely Ayur that is made from the safest ingredients and does a wonderful job of covering greys!