Damage free hair colouring with Absolutely Ayur

We've all fantasized about rocking a bold new hair color at some point in our lives. But damage is the one thing we all worry about. Every one of us has heard a hair dye horror story at some point in our lives.  An important contributor to these is ammonia. When it deposits hair colour, it actually damages the cuticle in the process. Ammonia itself is not toxic, but the fumes it releases are. Therefore, if you want to avoid damaging your hair, an ammonia-free hair colour is your best bet.

Why Use Ammonia Free Hair Colour?

  1. Ammonia free colouring: Coloring that does not include ammonia is safer for you and your hair, but this does not indicate that it is organic or natural. Ammonia-free hair dyes are safe to use.
  2. What are the Advantages: Toxic ammonia vapors are more of a concern than the chemical itself. Products without ammonia eliminate this issue. Because they are gentler on the hair, these dyes allow you to maintain softness and shine after colouring.
  3. Less damage than Ammonia: Monoethanolamine (MEA), an alcohol, is used as a replacement for ammonia as a pH adjuster in ammonia-free hair colours. MEA is less harmful because it is used in a diluted form and is mixed with emollient oils.
  4. More than Ammonia Colours: Ammonia-free hair dyes provide no threat to the health of the hair and scalp. Ammonia is a chemical that, when applied to the hair, has the effect of ruining the hair and degrading the hair's texture.
  5. Offers more Protection: Protecting one's hair from the sun's ultraviolet rays is essential after coloring hair with products that do not include ammonia. To protect your hair from these potentially damaging UV rays, you should wear a cap or a scarf.

Absolutely Ayur Hair Colour Shampoo

This Absolutely Ayur Hair Colour Shampoo is perfect for achieving salon-quality hair in a short amount of time. Now, all you need to do is give it a quick stir, and you'll be good to go! You'll be able to enjoy a colour that is flawless for a period of 20 washes. Since it is loaded with natural ingredients bhringaraj liquid extract, amla liquid extract, gotukala liquid extract, henna extract, hibiscus liquid extract, shikakai extract, neem extract, reetha extract, it provides you with a stunning sheen that you won't be able to resist showing off. 


1. Which hair colour does not damage hair?

You can trust Absolutely Ayur Hair Color Shampoo to give you colour at home without damaging your hair.

2. Does hair colouring damage hair?

The agents in dyes can weaken and damage hair, which may make it look unhealthy. However, using specially formulated hair colours like Absolutely Ayur Hair Colour Shampoo help repair hair damage from hair dye.

3. Is coloring your hair unhealthy?

The truth is that chemical-filled hair dyes can irritate your scalp and cause some people to lose hair or have their hair thin out.

4. Is ammonia free hair color better for your hair?

Ammonia has been used for decades as a standard component in dyes, despite the fact that it can cause severe irritation to the skin, nose, and eyes, and even burns in extreme situations. To avoid any potential harm to your hair, it is recommended that you use a hair dye that does not include ammonia.