5 Reasons to Switch to an Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Colouring your hair is a thrilling experience. Beyond covering up the grey hair, dyeing your hair can give you a whole new look. Unfortunately, hair dyes including bleach and ammonia can be harmful to your beautiful hair. This can leave them dry, brittle, and unattractive. Let's dive deeper into the chemistry of ammonia and 5 reasons to choose an ammonia-free hair color to cover gray hair.

Why Do Hair Dyes Have Ammonia?

The chemical ammonia is quite alkaline (above pH 7). The pH of this chemical is higher than 7. It encourages the hair follicle's ability to take up the hair colour, allowing the colour to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle. That's crucial because the longer the hair colour lasts, the deeper it must penetrate the hair.

There are a number of drawbacks to using ammonia, including the fact that some of its qualities are harmful to the health of your hair. Hair colours containing ammonia are very alkaline, which causes the hair shaft to become rough, brittle, and more prone to greying as a side effect. 

Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo

The name says it all: ammonia-free hair colours don't contain ammonia yet nevertheless give your hair a nice shade of colour. These hair colours contain emollient oils and other ingredients so that the hair cuticle does not lose moisture or protein during the hair colouring process.

5 Reasons to Use Ammonia free Hair Colours

Many popular brands like Absolutely Ayur now offer the best ammonia free hair colour in india. Here are three benefits that make them a better choice than ammonia-based hair dyes:

1. No More Itchy Scalp

Hair colours that contain ammonia or bleach can cause a painful and itchy scalp reaction. Ammonia-based hair colours have caused serious responses in many people. Ammonia free hair colour shampoo don't dry out and irritate your scalp because they just colour your hair's cuticle.

2. No More Pungent Smell

The pungent ammonia odour that some ammonia-based hair colours give off is a common complaint. Absolutely Ayur ammonia free hair colour shampoo has NO AMMONIA, therefore it does not have that strong odour, elevating hair colouring to a new level and making it a pleasant experience for you.

3. 100% Grey Coverage

Finding a product that conceals grey hair without the use of ammonia is challenging. The Absolutely Ayur ammonia free hair colour shampoo offers permanent colour with up to 100% grey blending, making it an excellent choice for delicately masking the look of white or grey hair.

4. Good for Healthy Hair

Ammonia free hair colour shampoo is safer to use than ammonia-based hair dyes and hair bleach because they don't damage the cuticles (the outer layer of hair) and keep hair healthy. So, colouring your hair won't make it frizzy anymore! Men's and women's best ammonia free hair colours in India come in a wide variety of shades, so you can choose the one you like best.

5. Natural Hair Colour

As far as hair colour goes, a natural look is currently the most popular style. Ammonia free hair colour comes in many shades that look very natural, so you can keep up with the latest styles without using harsh chemicals. 

So, we strongly suggest that you choose hair dyes that don't have ammonia or any other chemicals that are bad for your hair. As one of the most popular brands of hair colour in India, we offer the safest ways to colour your hair. Check out our range of hair dyes that don't contain ammonia.